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Bronze Khmer Ceremonial Conch Water Vessel, Angkor Period

( 1100 - 1200 AD)


A beautiful bronze Conch-Shell with figure of dancing Hevajra, Khmer, Bayon period , 12th-13th century.

The dancing Hevajra, with 16 arms and 7 visible heads ( arranged in tiers of 3+3+1 ),is dancing on a corpse. He is flanked by two female figures, Yoginis, also dancing on corpses. This is in accordance with Tantric methods of meditation in which the Yoginis are positive forces;and Hevajra himself,an embodiment of transcendental wisdom. The conch shell is supported on the tripod decorated with Naga. Note, this object left from Cambodia prior to the date of September 22, 2003.















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