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Stone Age Acheulean Handaxe Mauritania  (1,000,000 - 500,000 BC)


The following is a rather large size Acheulean Hand axe from Mauritania. By its style and design, this specimen probably dates anywhere from 1,000,000 BC to 500,000 BC. During man's, or rather homoerectrus's technological advancement, many tool designs were discarded as better designs, materials, and skills became available.


This particular axe is rather large and well formed for the period. The narrow point suggests it may have been used for digging. Such hand axes were not just the product of idle activity but were often manufactured in locations specifically used for this purpose where raw materials were found. Work areas have been found where several individuals had sat and worked together. Each sitting position is surrounded by a semicircle of raw materials, partially completed cores, and flakes from the finished tools.