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Chinese Han Dynasty Onion Head Wine Vessel

(221 BC - 220 AD)


A gray clay Han Dynasty onion head wine vessel. Han Dynasty pottery was made with excellent precision and Han Dynasty designs, both in clay and bronze, often have simple, modern lines and shapes. This clay wine vessel is very dypical of the period. The vessel is 27 cm. tall and 21 cm. wide.


Qin and Han Dynasty Pottery

The pottery ware of the Qin & Han Dynasties is mostly made of grey clay. Some clay material is very delicate and some mixed with fine sand. As the content of iron oxide in the clay varies and the burning conditions are different, the colors of the pottery ware are diverse. Apart from grey clay, there are red and black clay. In terms of texture, clay can be divided into hard clay and soft clay. Hard clay was mostly used to make daily-use articles; soft clay was normally painted with red patterns and elaborately decorated, for making funeral objects.


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